Although e-invoicing “made its appearance” in 2000, even today, a significant percentage of invoices are still in paper form. It is therefore important for businesses to be convinced of the key advantages of e-invoicing that make it an essential strategic choice and an insurmountable competitive advantage in the modern digital age.

The handling and management of documents no longer require human intervention, minimizing errors and delays. All actions relating to a document are recorded creating a history of documentation.

E-Invoicing is based on the rapid movement of document data and their storage in a central database that can be hosted either in on premise facilities or in a Data Center (Azure etc.). In this way, the archiving process is streamlined and automated, while the company also benefits in terms of reducing its environmental footprint.

The e-invoicing – Archiving platform by Orasys ID has the ability to interface with all existing invoicing systems either by recognizing unique points in the electronic file of the invoice (OCR method), or to connect to the existing system (WEB Api, JSON, WCF, ADO Connection, etc. )

In addition, has the ability to add your unique data on the data stored by offering through the modern Web portal that has any additional information you want either to corporate users or to your customer who always has access to his documents since the web portal has a strong security mechanism and presentations of data related to the unique user who has entered the system.