21st Century Libraries: Changing From The Ground up

Automated Library Systems 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted lives around the world, public libraries were undergoing dramatic changes. No longer just repositories of information, libraries have morphed into full-service community centers that aim to meet a wide variety of civic and social needs. We are helping libraries meet evolving needs in their communities with innovative products, services, and design.

In the library sphere, we offer a range of RFID products from RFID tags to intuitive self-loan stations, extremely speedy stock take units and state of the art automatic sorting solutions. 

With our RFID system libraries can achieve 100% self-checkout, speedy stock take, excellent security and efficient returns and item sorting.

The ability to identify a book, without the librarian or machine making eye contact with it, practically means that the process of borrowing or returning a book can be done simultaneously for several books, by simply moving them in front of an RFID reader. The advantage of this method is that the system is updated in real time, quickly and reliably, compared to bar code technology, which requires identification separately for each book (one at a time, targeting a specific part of the book).

RFID tags have a longer lifespan than existing library management systems, and therefore offer greater long-term reliability.